Vintage 60′s Inspired Long Hairstyle

Vintage Inspired 60's HairstyleThe Wider Blunt Bangs and the Soft Waves gives this Long Length Hairstyle a definite Vintage Look.  To get a similar Wavy look of this Hairstyle:  Section off your DRY hair in 4 sections with ponytails…Side, Side, Crown and Back.  Then take a single ponytail,  place another ponytail holder roughly 2 inches below the first ponytail holder.  Keep placing ponytail holders down the ponytail til you reach the bottom (2 inch space between holders).  Repeat on the remaining 3 ponytails.  Spray with Hairspray and blow-dry the ponytails with a hot blow-dryer for a few minutes, then allow to cool completely.  The longer you keep the holders around the hair, the longer the waves will last, and the tighter you wrap the holders the deeper the waves will be.

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