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Cute Longer Length 50′s Pin Up Vintage Hairstyle

Cute Vintage HairstyleTo get this Vintage Hairstyle you’ll want to start with dry hair, that  has a volumizing product in it.  You can either curl the entire head of hair or use hot rollers.  Hot rollers can usually hold a curl better than a curling iron, and the hairstyle will last longer. Remember to use a heat protectant when using hot rollers.  Allow curls to cool completely after curling.  Brush up the side almost as if you were putting the hair in a pony tail.  The “curled” ends of the hair should be easy to wind up into a barrel curl and then place on top of your head and pin into place using a bobby pins.  Repeat this on the other side and comb out curls in the back with fingertips.  This Vintage Inspired Style will take a little practice, but it’s fairly easy once you get the hang of the barrel curl.

Curly Short 1940′s Inspired Hairstyle

Curly Short 1940's Inspired HairstyleAll this Curly Short 1940′s Hairstyle is missing is the headband.  The thick Blunt Bang also adds to the Retro Look of this Hairstyle.  Curl hair (in sections) in different directions with a Medium Barrel Curling Iron.  Flat Iron Bang or  Blow-dry Smooth.  Back-comb curls lightly with a pick for fullness.  Using a Pick to back-comb is useful because it doesn’t disturb the curls as much as a comb or brush would.  Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Vintage Inspired Finger-Waved Hairstyle

Vintage Inspired Finger-waved HairstyleThis is  a really Cool Vintage Hairstyle for a Bob Haircut.  The Hair is parted off to the side and the top and front are finger-waved over to the other side.  A Small Barrel Curling iron is used to spiral curl the sides and back.  Awesome  Hairstyle for a Bob Haircut, the Finger-Waves are what gives this Hairstyle the Vintage Look!

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