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Vintage Inspired Mary Tyler Moore Flip Hairstyle

Mary Tyler Moore Inspired Flip HairstyleThis Short Vintage Hairstyle is an updated Shag Hairstyle resembling the famous Mary Tyler Moore flipped Shag Hairstyle of the 70′s.  This is a Fun Modern Shag Hairstyle that has a definite Vintage Retro Style to it.  If you were to Add a pair of Wing-Tipped Glasses then this Short Hairstyle becomes more of  a 50′s “Poodle Skirt” kinda Hairstyle.  Add a black choker and this Shag Hairstyle has a early 90′s Style to it.  This is a very versatile Hairstyle!  Someone that has a Retro vibe to their personality would love Styling and dressing up this Cute Vintage Shag Hairstyle.

Vintage Inspired 1960′s Soft Waved Haircut

Vintage Inspired 1960's Soft Waved Haircut

Vintage 1980′s Spiked Top Punk Haircut

Vintage 1980's Spiked Top Punk Haircut

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